So… What happened?

Over the past few months a lot has happened here, but I’m going to focus on the good things.

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State of Mind: Nostalgia – First Entry

We all have some old game we treasure in our hearts. A game we (generally) think is great and probably the single best game we’ve ever played. The feeling of nostalgia we get when thinking of that game/playing that game is unparalleled. Right?

Nostalgia is good. But don’t let it blind you. Many older games were just as bad (or just as good as well) as today’s games are… we just had different ideas, different ways to evaluate the games and an overall different way to see things, since we were younger.

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State of Mind: Getting A Job

How would you feel if you were a person with good grades, always helping others out when you’re able to, being able to finish your desired course with no problems (only a few minor issues), with time for your hobbies, and then…you can’t land a job? How would you feel? Everyone would feel differently, I’m sure.

For me, however, this plays a major role in my depression and, of course, there are a lot of things that could affect the way you’d feel about that. But, there are 3 main reasons I think have the most impact:

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