So… What happened?

Over the past few months a lot has happened here, but I’m going to focus on the good things.

Remember my State of Mind: New Application? Well… The project was approved and we’re starting on June 5th! I’m finally excited about something! The project is: Geek Point and I’ll be working on it with my girlfriend (who luckily still has a job) and a friend of mine from my IT Course. For now, we’ll have 2 months of guidance and class (sort of). Once this part is over, if they like our improvement, idea and organization, we’ll get 4 extra months of guidance. After that, if everything’s ok and the idea proves to be, indeed, good and we can continue…we will implement our idea! We’ll have our own place to repair PCs and consoles as well as to sell geeky stuff – some of it will even be made by us!

In other news, we finally got optic fiber internet access! It’s amazingly fast! I have up to 100Mbps Download and Upload speeds (via ethernet – last time I used ethernet I got 92/90, so it’s more than okay)! Check it out how it usually is when I’m in my room, in my laptop:

This is via WiFi, as far as I can get from the router. From what I can tell, this limitation is due to my WiFi card and the WiFi itself.

Now, as for gaming… Well! I’ve stopped playing for the most part, sadly. But I did play a few games of League of Legends with some friends and I also played a bit of Pokémon Revolution Online – it’s obviously not official but it’s the best take I’ve seen on a multiplayer Pokémon game! – and… The Movies. Yes, the 2005 game from Lionhead Studios, The Movies! I love this game and I had completely forgotten about it for too long.

I plan on getting back to writing as soon as possible but I still have a lot to take care of! So, if you don’t see me in a while again, fear not, I’ll be back here soon enough! 🙂

My dream of doing what I love is coming closer with this project…and I might also finally build my desktop PC! Trying to stay as positive as I can!

I hope that all of you have a great day 🙂 You’re welcome to discuss anything I’ve mentioned here!


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