State of Mind: New Application

These past few weeks I’ve been gathering information about a certain program that could give me a job as well as teach me a lot of things.

I’ve been so focused on making sure the application for it was well written and that it had all the information needed that I completely put aside my blogging  (both writing and reading!) and gaming activities!

Gladly, my mind’s been busy, which is great!

The application was sent (with all information they required – mine and my colleagues’ since it has to be a group thing)…but I had a weird stroke of bad luck to it…sort of.
I wrote everything and selected every single file to attach. Reread everything and made sure the files were the right ones. Then I hit send. All good! Except it wasn’t all good.

Now, it wouldn’t let me send if even one of the required fields wasn’t properly filled (those marked with an asterisk). It did let me send and I remember writing pretty much everything. A few days later, I get a call and they identify themselves as being part of the association taking care of the project. To my admiration (and theirs, too!) part of the application was blank. BLANK! Nothing was written in certain parts. They had no idea what happened – and I said I had no idea either, but I did.

You see, I tend to tell people I live right at the end of the world but you gotta take a left turn instead, right before reaching it (or just “middle of nowhere”, whichever you like best!). Internet connection here is bad on the best days, and virutally-non-existant when we have bad weather. I suspect part of the upload was messed up and that’s how the got blank data.

This is how bad it gets – it’s stable, but soooo sloooow. We’re supposed to get Optic Fiber connection in the coming months, however. HOORAY!

But I digress a bit. It’s been fixed. They sent me a file with the parts that were (supposedly) blank and I refill them and resent. They got it. It was good!

Now they’re evaluating it and I have to wait – not sure for how long.

If they accept it, I get at least 6 months of traning classes (these are paid, by the way, that helps me a ton!) for making my own business.
The whole idea I have revolves around 3D Printing, fixing computers (and consoles too) and selling geeky stuff (cosplay related too) – I can probably make a whole post about this soon!

I’m excited about this application, but given my luck lately, I’m still looking for any other job I can get – recently sent a few CVs and got no answers (again) but I’ll get there! I’m sure of it.

And that’s it. Now I’m back to writing, listening to music, and doing nothing on Forge of Empires (I also have something planned for this… browsing experience).

And you? What have you been up to lately?


10 thoughts on “State of Mind: New Application

  1. Ouch! Those internet speeds are terrible. I use to live in the middle of nowhere, so I know exactly how painfully slow that is, haha.

    I’m so glad you got everything straightened out! That sounds like quite an opportunity that will lead to a dream career. I wish you all the best! Life has a tendency to throw obstacles in our way. No matter what happens, keep pushing forward to achieve what is important to you 🙂

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    • It is very very painful, indeed! If all goes accordingly, it’s going to take a while, but we’ll get there. I’d actually be happy doing those things and also make money in the process. Which is very good! 🙂

      Thank you for you words 🙂

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