Character Appreciation: Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

In this series of posts I’ll be, simply put, appreciating the existence of certain characters in games (or anime). Starting today with League of Legend’s Ziggs, the Hexplosive (H)Expert.

Yes, I indeed played League of Legends for a while. I was bad. Really bad. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the game (up to a certain point) and having fun with friends.

“Impatient? I’m not impatient!”

Even though my main role throughout the game was always Support, my friends always joked around that my main Champion was this guy right here. The Bomberman Bomberyordle!

This guy here is one of the most fun characters I’ve seen. Despite his crazy looks (and deeds) he’s actually a genius and a very lovely yordle – yordles are much shorter than humans and they can either be covered in fur or have smooth skin.

Once, Ziggs was trying to show one of his hexperiments to professors at Piltover’s Yordle Academy (of Science and Progress), but something went wrong with it and he ended blowing a hole in one of the walls. The professors dusted themselves off and told Ziggs to leave and, devastated and in shame, he did so. Shortly after that, the professors were kidnaped by a group of Zaunite Agents, that took them to a Zaun fortified prison.

Even after all of Piltover’s military force tracked them down…they couldn’t destroy their fortifications. That’s where Ziggs came in! Determined to outdo them, Ziggs began experimenting on a new kind of armament, and quickly realized that he could harness his accidental gift for demolition to save the captured yordles.

And he did. He created what is now called Hexplosives! First putting a huge amount of it together and then launching it to the prison… He smiled *look below* as he watched the explosion! After the smoke was clear he snuck inside the prison, forcing guards to run away with small bombs and blowing away the cell doors with satchel charges.

He’s ALWAYS smiling like this!

After returning to the Academy, the professors gave Ziggs an honorary title – Dean of Demolitions.

This is why I love this guy so much! He loves chaos and blowing stuff up, but he’s also capable of using that chaos (and explosions) to help those in need.

I know I didn’t mention his in-game abilities or anything of the sort. That isn’t going to be my focus on this series os posts. It’s mostly lore focused.

Did you know Ziggs prior to this? If so, do you like him (as a character) as much as I do? Do you know any character similar to him? Let me know! 🙂


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