Separate Realities

It’s no secret that this world we live in is unfair and sometimes just plain boring, annoying and despairful (this is a word, isn’t it?).

Many of us use TV series, movies, books, animated series, music and/or gaming to escape that harsh reality a bit by entering a new, temporary, reality. Yes, I consider those to be separate realities. Why? Because they also teach us something we can use on our lives. Because they alleviate our stress. Because they make us laugh, cry and scream (even if it’s because you just got jump-scared). Because they make us feel alive. I say “us” because I’m sure many people around the world feel the same way I do when it comes to these separate realities – and as long as we learn and/or feel something, I will continue to treat them this way and not as “fake worlds”.

Having another reality you can dive into and just experience it is a wonderful thing. There are so many new things to do – things that until we experience we can’t even imagine them.

Something like this would actually be interesting.

…and I still don’t understand why is it so frowned upon if you spend a few hours playing a video game, experiencing so much, learning something new when it’s completely normal to mindlessly watch TV for a whole afternoon (random TV programs, movies). It’s basically the same thing, except that in a video game your opinions/choices matter. They affect the world you’re currently in (the separate reality, that is). Is…that the reason? If so, it shouldn’t be.

What do you think? Should we consider games another reality to experience? Or is it wrong to think so? Share your thoughts!

Separate Realities image from: Waking Times



9 thoughts on “Separate Realities

  1. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone on here that thinks video games are a waste of time compared to watching movies or TV honestly. Personally, I think that people just need to chill out and let everyone do what they like doing. A particular example I have was when I worked in manufacturing last year, and I used to have to deal with the snarky comments from older folks who didn’t like that I was on my phone on my breaks. They were sitting there reading the newspaper, while I was reading news online… Nevermind the fact that I was doing the same thing as them; they were upset because I was using my phone instead of a paper.

    I think most people are just too closed off to what others prefer. We’ve seen this same mentality in the hardcore games looking down on people who are more casual, and the console wars.

    Me? I prefer playing games, but I love sitting down with my wife to watch a show or movie sometimes. Both are good for their own reasons. What’s never good is getting eviscerated by her in multiplayer…

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    • I understand what you mean and completely agree with you.
      I don’t dislike watching TV either (movies, series, anime), in fact: I also enjoy it a lot too, but games take my heart. Of course, if I had to decide between playing 2 hours of my favorite game or watching a 2 hour movie with my girlfriend… I’d probably pick the movie (highly depends on the situation though). And like you said: “Both are good for their own reasons.” As long as there’s balance…I think everything’s fine! Even if we find ourselves beaten in multiplayer 10 to 0 🙂

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  2. Yes, it’s a mystery to everyone why binge watching eight hours of Netflix is met with a shrug and or an exclamation of “Me, too! I just needed to relax!” but eight hours of video game play results in funny looks… Anyway…

    Ian McKellen, the talented actor (and who played Gandalf), was once asked how such a “serious actor” could take the fantasy world of The Lord of the Rings so seriously and maintain a straight face when all of this fantastical events were occurring. He replied (paraphrasing) that everything that was happening to the characters was real to them, was life-altering to them, so how could he be anything but serious?

    I see that in books, movies, games… those worlds are real to the characters, and when we step into them, they become real (or can become real) to us, as well. So yes, I do think they are alternate worlds/universes.

    But I also write fiction and fanfiction, so I might be biased a bit 😉

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    • Oh, Lord of the Rings! Oh, Tolkien!
      I would say the funny looks (if applied) would be applied to binge watching rather than to gaming – I mean, at least in gaming you take part in the action other than just watching it.

      Exactly! Even if you know it’s fiction…why not try to dive in there and try to feel what they’re feeling, see what they’re seeing (or imagine it, in case you’re reading – unless you have a drawing of it)?
      It annoys me when I hear someone say that they binge watched 8 hours of something on Netflix (taking your example there) so relaxed and then I say I played The Witcher for 8 hours/watched anime for 8 hours and I’m a monster to society or something. It’s…really odd to me.

      A bit biased or not, your opinion seems to make a lot more sense than the vague ones I usually get in the “offline world”

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