State of Mind: Nostalgia – First Entry

We all have some old game we treasure in our hearts. A game we (generally) think is great and probably the single best game we’ve ever played. The feeling of nostalgia we get when thinking of that game/playing that game is unparalleled. Right?

Nostalgia is good. But don’t let it blind you. Many older games were just as bad (or just as good as well) as today’s games are… we just had different ideas, different ways to evaluate the games and an overall different way to see things, since we were younger.

I can safely say I don’t have just one single game I consider the very best. That would be impossible for me to pick, even if we’re just talking about old games that make us, well, nostalgic.

Instead of beating my head up and trying to come up with one hyper-nostalgic game… I’m just gonna name a one of my favourites and talk a bit about it and how it impacted my life and some other time I’ll get on talking about the rest.

Zapdos – Legendary Bird

In this case, I’m mentioning Pokémon Yellow and Crystal: my two favourites from when I was a kid. But wait… “Since Yellow and Crystal are your favourites, why did you pick Zapdos up there and not Pikachu or Suicune?” – That’s because Zapdos is my favourite legendary Pokémon (Lugia comes in a close second).

Pokémon was something I played for a very long time – and even now, I’d still play if I could – and I really like it. The idea of having battles with other trainers to improve our skills, our Pokémon’s skill as well as our bond with our Pokémon really got into me growing up. To the point I wished really hard they were real!

Through Pokémon I learned to pretty much find my way around things. Thinking “there has to be a way to do this” – by the way, I didn’t speak English very well back then. So, even though some characters would tell me exactly what to do and how to do it I still had to search everywhere and to think really hard because I didn’t understand most of what they said. That’s why I said it taught me to think like that.

Ah, yes. Pokémon Go! …and the mythical 666 Pidgey Candies.

I found myself craving for more Pokémon games lately – which is weird because I was just getting back into The Elder Scrolls the past few days – and let’s just forget how shallow Pokémon GO really was/is. I mean… It’s like an empty box. But hell, that’s the most beautiful box I’ve ever seen – it’s still empty though!

How about you? Did you get into Pokémon growing up as well? Still do? Never did?
Let me know what games give you that warm feeling of nostalgia!

Pokémon GO Pidgey: me


14 thoughts on “State of Mind: Nostalgia – First Entry

  1. […] One of the first games that helped me with this was Pokémon – and the English Language Dictionary, too! I would play the game and just sit there, paused, looking for the word on the dictionary to figure it out. I just wish I thought of this the first time I played Pokémon, though, because it would’ve made it so much easier, instead of just running around thinking harder than I should have. […]


  2. I was just talking about nostalgia with a friend and contributor last night. He’s never played Ocarina of Time and I’ve never played The Last of Us, so we agreed to let each other borrow our copies of those games later this year. One doesn’t get the opportunity too often to play for the first time something that’s already massively impacted the gaming culture. Some instances, my beloved retro games turn out to be actually awful, but some of them stand the test of time. Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of my favorite examples of the latter.

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  3. The rose colored glasses of nostalgia are pretty amazing AND misleading. Zelda games give me “that feeling” as I call it. Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are on the top of my nostalgia list. Whenever I hear music from the games, it just brings me right back.

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  4. I actually never got into Pokemon growing up, and so passed on Pokemon Go (for many reasons, but I also didn’t have the nostalgic inclination like some others do). For me, my old NES games are usually good for a trip down memory lane, especially games like Mega Man and Zelda 2, and of course Super Mario Bros.! More recently, I would say Dragon Age; Origins has a lot of nostalgic elements for me, and whenever I hear the opening notes to the theme from the menu, I smile.

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